Bus and BART Connection

To help you better plan your Tri Delta Transit bus/BART connection, we have prepared the following charts highlighting connection times between BART and Tri Delta Transit bus routes. Please note that not every BART train is listed on these charts. This chart lists only those BART trains that closely connect with Tri Delta Transit's schedule. For a complete BART schedule, visit their Web site at www.bart.gov.

All times listed in the schedule do not anticipate service disruptions and are approximations for normal trips. To account for possible variations in traffic and unexpected delays, we recommend allowing a minimum 10-minute window between a scheduled bus arrival and a scheduled BART departure.

Since BART operates more trains than each individual bus route, we are unable to meet each BART train. However, many of our buses do connect with current BART arrivals/departure times. If you have any questions about any Tri Delta Transit route, please call our office at 925.754.4040.

Thank you for choosing Tri Delta Transit

Route 200
Bus Arrival Bart Departure Bart Arrival Bus Departure
8:20 AM 8:32 AM 6:17 AM 6:30 AM
9:18 AM 9:32 AM 7:32 AM 7:41 AM
10:34 AM 10:47 AM 8:32 AM 8:45 AM
11:38 AM 11:47 AM* 9:47 AM 10:07 AM
12:38 PM 12:47 PM* 11:02 AM 11:11 AM
1:44 PM 2:02 PM 12:02 PM 12:11 PM
2:48 PM 3:02 PM 1:02 PM 1:11 PM
3:51 PM 4:02 PM 1:47 PM 2:07 PM
4:59 PM 5:17 PM 2:47 PM 3:03 PM
6:06 PM 6:17 PM 3:47 PM 4:01 PM
* Less than 10 minutes. Consider a later train or an earlier bus.