Real Time Arrival Information

Click on the bus stop ID number to see when the bus will arrive at this bus stop.

Note: Real time information is only available for buses arriving/departing within a one-hour time period. If real time information is not displayed/provided for a particular route, refer to the printed schedule. Schedules are available online at

Bus Stops

300 - Eastbound Express Commuter Service (from BART) - Weekday Service
CityStreetCross StreetLandmark 
AntiochSunset Lane noneHillcrest Park & Ride
BrentwoodBrentwood BoulevardVillage Drive Napa Auto Parts
BrentwoodWalnut Boulevard to Lotinside PnR lot Brentwood Park & Ride
OakleyMain StreetEmpire RoadLucky Shopping Center
OakleyMain StreetNorcross LaneCentro Mart
PittsburgWest Leland Road from BART Pittsburg/Bay Point BART
Note: Bus stops are listed in alphabetical order by City then street. The cross street, landmark and bus stop ID number are included to provide additional information to help locate the bus stop.