Tri Delta Transit will begin a new schedule starting Sunday, September 24.

Schedule Update

The new schedule has only one time change to Route 383 Clockwise. All other times remain the same.

Changes in the new schedule:

New Route 381

Service Monday - Friday
New Downtown Pittsburg circulator route between the Pittsburg Marina and Los Medanos College.

Click here to see more info about Route 381.

Route 388 Route Change

Due to changes in traffic patterns resulting from the Pittsburg Center BART construction project, Route 388 eastbound and westbound will no longer travel on Harbor Road between Bliss Ave. and E. Leland Road. Buses will bypass this section using Railroad and E. Leland. Two bus stops on Harbor will no longer be served by Route 388: #812719 Harbor at Garcia, and #812742 Harbor at E. Leland. The closest 388 westbound bus stop in service is located across E. Leland on Harbor near the intersection of E. Leland #818901. The closest eastbound bus stop will be located on E. Leland at Harbor #814466. Route 388 will begin serving bus stops on E. Leland between Harbor and Railroad. #814263 eastbound, #814466 eastbound, #818430 westbound. Route 388 will begin serving the following stops on Railroad: #812790 westbound at Bliss, #812669 eastbound at Alvarado.

This change is already in place.

To see Route 388 East map and schedule, click here
To see Route 388 West map and schedule, click here

Route 383 Clockwise Time Change

Morning Clockwise run times will change starting Monday, September 25.

Click here to see the new 383 Clockwise schedule