2018 Transportation to Pittsburg High School





380 EB–Civic Avenue near Railroad Avenue. Bus stop ID#  812227

380 WB –Civic Avenue near Railroad Avenue. Bus stop ID# 812648

381 EB—Railroad Avenue near E. 17th Street. Bus stop ID# 812800

381 WB—Railroad Avenue near School Street. Bus stop ID# 812215

387 EB –Harbor Street near School Street . Bus stop ID# 816874

387 WB –Harbor Street near School Street. Bus stop ID# 816819

388 EB –Harbor Street near School Street. Bus stop ID# 816819

388 WB –Harbor Street near School Street. Bus stop ID# 816874


For families that do not live near a bus stop served by Route 380, 387, or 388, you may be able to catch a different route and transfer to one of these routes that serve Pittsburg High School. Check the bus schedule for connecting routes or for trip planning assistance, visit www.TriDeltaTransit.com or call our office at 925-754-4040.



Text Box: Download the FREE Tri Delta Transit Mobile App at the Google Play Store

Download the FREE Tri Delta Transit mobile app on your cell phone at the Google Play store for quick access to real time bus arrival information.  iPhone users can get the exact same information on our mobile website at TriDeltaTransit.com/mobile.  Use your bus stop ID # (located on all bus stop signs and online) to find out when your bus will arrive at the bus stop.  Not schedule information but real time arrival information! Visit TriDeltaTransit.com for more information on real time bus arrival.



Don’t pay a full price cash fare.  Save money with bus passes!

Clipper Card now accepted on Tri Delta Transit buses.

You can also download the Mobile Ticket app to get all bus passes on your phone.


Bus fare is $2.00 for a single ride without transfers and 85¢ for disabled students. Transferring between buses requires a valid Day Pass, 31-Day Pass or another single ride fare is required.


31-Day Pass: $57

If you will be riding the bus every day your best fare option is the 31-Day Pass.

This allows unlimited rides and transfers for 31 consecutive days. You choose the start date.


20-Ride Pass: $33 (General Public), $17 (Senior/Disabled)

If you ride the bus frequently but not every day and you do NOT need to transfer buses consider a 20-Ride Pass. These passes provide 20 rides. They are a good option for students who only ride the bus one way each day (either to or from school) and do not transfer buses. 20-Ride Passes can be purchased on the bus. Ask for a 20-Ride Pass when you board the bus and pay your fare.


Day Pass: $3.75 (General Public), $1.75 (Senior/Disabled)

If you ride the bus frequently but not every day and will be transferring buses or riding to and from school on the bus (round trip), a Day Pass is a good option. Day Passes allow unlimited rides and transfers until 2am the day they are activated.  Day Passes can be purchased on the bus. Just ask the driver for a Day Pass when you board the bus and pay your fare.


All passes can be purchased conveniently and securely online at www.TriDeltaTransit.com. A complete list of locations that sell our passes is listed in the current schedule and on our website.



Riding the bus to school is easy. Go to TriDeltaTransit.com to watch the videos.  Just remember the following tips:

1)     Arrive at your bus stop at least 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. It is better to wait a couple of minutes more for the bus than to miss your bus and have to wait 30+  minutes for the next one. If you live between time points, use the time point BEFORE your stop as your time reference. (You can also check real time bus arrival information at TriDeltaTransit.com or use the FREE Tri Delta Transit mobile app.)

2)     Have your bus pass or your fare ready when you board the bus. If you do not have exact fare, ask the driver for a credit ticket after you pay your fare.

3)     Make sure you are standing at the right bus stop – All bus stops identify which buses stop at them. They indicate the route number and direction of travel. Don’t wander away from the stop. If the driver does not see anyone at the bus stop, he/she will not stop. It’s a good idea to wave to the driver to indicate that you want his/her bus.

4)     Board the correct bus. Multiple buses stop at bus stops. To make sure you board the correct bus, check the bus number and direction of travel (ie – 387 Eastbound), which are displayed above the windshield.

5)     About one block before your destination, pull the bell cord to alert the driver that you want off the bus.



For instructions on how to read the schedule: see the schedule or watch the online video at TriDeltaTransit.com.



All Tri Delta Transit buses are equipped with bike racks. If you want to use your bike to get to and from the bus stop, the racks can accommodate a maximum of 2 bikes. If the bike rack is full and there is room on the bus, the driver may allow you to put your bike on the bus. However, this is not guaranteed. It is unlikely that bikes, other than those that will fit on the racks, will be allowed on the bus during morning and afternoon school runs.


801 Wilbur Avenue, Antioch, CA 94509

Route Information: 754-4040

www.TriDeltaTransit.com                                                                             Effective: May 2018