There are very few times when paying the full cash fare is the best way to ride the bus. The ONLY time we recommend paying the general public cash fare of $2.00 is when you will be riding ONE bus ONE-WAY. If you will be making a round-trip or transferring buses, you should purchase a Day Pass. A General Public Day Pass will save you 25¢. Plus, a Day Pass will allow you to continue riding Tri Delta Transit buses as much as you want for the day of purchase/validation.* For more frequent riders, refer to the attached chart for the best value.

If you use a Clipper Card and load cash to your Clipper Card, Clipper calculates fare for you so you always pay the lowest fare. Clipper automatically deducts the appropriate fare each time you board the bus. Board more than one bus on the same day and Clipper automatically calculates the fare for an unlimited ride Day Pass. Once the Day Pass is achieved, your card is not charged for additional rides so you automatically pay the lowest fare!

This chart is designed to show you which pass is best for you based on how often you ride the bus. Once you know which pass is best for you, click here to purchase your general public bus pass online. You can also purchase select general public passes at any of our Ticket Connection locations throughout East County.

Trips Per Week**
Recommended General Public Bus Pass
Benefits of Using Bus Pass

If you take 4 or more

31-Day Pass $57

Available on Clipper Card.

Save between $7 to $67! The more you ride the more you’ll save. 31-Day Passes can be purchased anytime without worry about not getting the full value of the pass. Your 31 consecutive-day period begins upon first use of the pass. For example, if you first use your 31-Day Pass on July 14 it will be valid until August 13 and provide unlimited rides during this time.

If you take 3

20-Ride Pass $33

Save $7. The 20-Ride pass is valid on all Tri Delta Transit buses except paratransit buses.

If you take 1 or 2

Day Pass $3.75. Senior/Disabled $1.75

Available on Clipper Card.

Save 25¢ on each general public round trip ride. The more rides you take, the more you save. This pass provides UNLIMITED rides for one day (day of purchase/validation only).

BART Commuters

31-Day Pass $57, 20-Ride General Public Pass $33, 20-Ride Senior Disabled Pass $17

If you ride Route 300 to BART every weekday, Tri Delta Transit’s 31-Day Pass is the most economical pass, saving you $36.50 compared to Cash (assuming 22 weekdays per month). If you prefer the flexibility of a pass with no expiration, or you do not ride EVERY weekday, consider the 20-Ride Pass.

* All Tri Delta Transit buses except paratransit buses.

** Assuming round trip with minimum one bus each direction, general public cash fare.

*** Assuming round trip on Express Route 300 for 10 days, general public cash fare.

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