Service Animals and Pets:

Service Animals

A service animal is an animal specifically trained to assist you with necessary duties. If you travel with a service animal, you must include this information on your eligibility application.

  • Animals meeting service animal criteria may board the bus with you at any time.
  • While riding in a vehicle, the service animal is required to sit, stand, or lay on the floor of the vehicle and may not block the aisle.
  • If your service animal misbehaves, you will be asked to remove the animal from the vehicle. If there are multiple occurrences of misbehavior, the animal's riding privileges may be revoked. Examples of misbehavior include unprovoked growling or attacking passengers, the driver, or other service animals.


Pets may board the bus with you if your pet is in a pet carrier. For safety reasons, the driver is unable to assist with carrying the pet carrier. Please let the reservationist know if you will be bringing a pet carrier when scheduling your ride.