Rules, Procedures and Passenger Responsibilities

Paratransit Drivers WILL

  • Help you board and exit the vehicle
  • Secure your mobility device to the vehicle (walkers, canes and carts are not secured)
  • Upon request, escort you to and from the front door of the primary building upon arrival at both origin and destination
  • Assist with loading shopping bags upon request. You may carry four shopping bags on the vehicle. The shopping bags may not weigh more than twenty pounds each. The shopping bags must remain out of the aisle.

For Safety Reasons, Paratransit Drivers WILL NOT

  • Enter your private residence
  • Push your wheelchair up or down any stairs, steep ramps or inclines
  • Lose sight of their vehicle
  • Enter an apartment complex, driveway, or other private property without written permission from the property owner
  • Carry more than four shopping bags

Being on Time

  • Once your pick-up time has been confirmed, Tri Delta Transit has a 30-minute window during which to arrive (either 15 minutes before or 15 minutes after your scheduled time).

For example, if your pick-up time is confirmed for 12:30 pm, you should be ready for pick-up from 12:15 p.m. to 12:45p.m.

  • You must meet the paratransit driver within 3 minutes of his/her arrival during the 30-minute window.
  • For example, if your scheduled pick-up time is 7am and the driver arrives at 6:45am, the driver will wait until 6:48am. If you are not ready, you will be marked as a no show.

Rider Responsibilities

  • For your safety, please refrain from eating, drinking, and smoking while on the bus.
  • There is no reserving of seats, fighting, yelling or obscene language allowed.
  • You are also requested to not wear scented personal care products while using the service. This is to ensure that vehicles are accessible for passengers with multiple chemical sensitivity.