Weekday Routes (Mon-Fri)
200 EB
201 EB
300 EB
379 EB
380 EB
383 CW
385 EB
200 WB
201 WB
300 WB
379 WB
380 WB
383 CCW
385 WB
386 LOOP
387 EB
388 EB
389 LOOP
390 EB
391 EB
386 LOOP
387 WB
388 WB
389 LOOP
390 WB
391 WB
Saturday Routes
392 EB Saturday
393 EB Saturday
394 EB Saturday
395 Loop Saturday
392 WB Saturday
393 WB Saturday
394 WB Saturday
Sunday Routes
392 EB Sunday
393 EB Sunday
394 EB Sunday
395 Loop Sunday
392 WB Sunday
393 WB Sunday
394 WB Sunday
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System Map
BART Connection
Holiday Schedule
Community Events

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