Weekday Routes (Mon-Fri)
200 EB
201 EB
300 EB
379 EB
380 EB
383 CW
385 EB
200 WB
201 WB
300 WB
379 WB
380 WB
383 CCW
385 WB
386 LOOP
387 EB
388 EB
389 LOOP
390 EB
391 EB
386 LOOP
387 WB
388 WB
389 LOOP
390 WB
391 WB
Saturday Routes
392 EB Saturday
393 EB Saturday
394 EB Saturday
395 Loop Saturday
392 WB Saturday
393 WB Saturday
394 WB Saturday
Sunday Routes
392 EB Sunday
393 EB Sunday
394 EB Sunday
395 Loop Sunday
392 WB Sunday
393 WB Sunday
394 WB Sunday
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System Map

Welcome to Tri Delta Transit!

Serving the cities of Antioch, Pittsburg, Brentwood, Oakley, Bay Point, Discovery Bay and Concord, we operate 13 local bus routes Monday-Friday (including express route 300) and four on weekends & holidays. Every day we help East Contra Costa residents get to BART, work, school, the doctor, the library, parks, the movies, shopping centers, the grocery store, recreation activities, or just across town to visit family & friends.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy. To figure out which route you need, scroll through the attached system map. Routes are color coded to help you locate individual routes serving your location. Once you know which route(s) you need, click the above link called “Schedules and Maps” to see your selected route(s) including bus arrival times.

If you need assistance reading the schedule, click here to read our “How to Ride the Bus” page. Or, give us a call at 925-754-4040 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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Use the right side and bottom scroll bars to follow a route.

System Map Legend


200 Martinez/Pittsburg (Weekdays Only)


201 Concord Route


300 Pittsburg BART/Brentwood (Weekdays Only)


379 Antioch Deer Valley (Antioch Unified School District days only)


380 Pittsburg BART/Hillcrest Park & Ride (Weekdays Only)


383 Hillcrest Park & Ride/Oakley (Weekdays Only)


385 Brentwood / Antioch


386 Discovery Bay / Brentwood (Liberty Union School District days only)


387 Pittsburg BART/Tri Delta Antioch (Weekdays Only)


388 Pittsburg BART/Hillcrest Park & Ride (Weekdays Only)


389 Pittsburg BART/Bay Point (Weekdays Only)


390 Pittsburg BART/Hillcrest Park & Ride (Weekdays Only/Commute hours)


391 Pittsburg BART/Brentwood Park & Ride (Weekdays Only)


392 Pittsburg BART/Antioch Park & Ride (Sat. Sun. & Holidays Only)


393 Baypoint / Brentwood Park & Ride (Sat. Sun. & Holidays Only)


394 Pittsburg / Antioch
(Sat. Sun. & Holidays Only)


395 Brentwood / Antioch Park & Ride
(Sat. Sun. & Holidays Only)


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