Weekday Routes (Mon-Fri)
200 EB
201 EB
300 EB
379 EB
380 EB
383 CW
385 EB
200 WB
201 WB
300 WB
379 WB
380 WB
383 CCW
385 WB
386 LOOP
387 EB
388 EB
389 LOOP
390 EB
391 EB
386 LOOP
387 WB
388 WB
389 LOOP
390 WB
391 WB
Saturday Routes
392 EB Saturday
393 EB Saturday
394 EB Saturday
395 Loop Saturday
392 WB Saturday
393 WB Saturday
394 WB Saturday
Sunday Routes
392 EB Sunday
393 EB Sunday
394 EB Sunday
395 Loop Sunday
392 WB Sunday
393 WB Sunday
394 WB Sunday
Other Maps and Services
System Map
BART Connection
Holiday Schedule
Community Events

We keep you moving with more than buses.

At Tri Delta Transit we’re all about keeping you moving. And we do it with more than just buses. Our easy-to-use rider tools make riding the bus more reliable helping you get where you need to be faster than ever.

No matter who you are, where you go or what you do, Tri Delta Transit has more than buses to keep you moving.

Email/text alerts

INFORMATION. Nothing is more important when riding the bus. With Tri Delta Transit’s free email and text alerts, you’ll have the information you need to make good decisions when riding the bus. Customized to your specific needs, email and text alerts will keep you aware, informed and moving faster than ever. For more information about email alerts, click here.

Online Trip Planner

SIMPLICITY. It makes a huge difference when riding the bus. With the Google Transit online trip planner on, nothing could be simpler. All you need to know is your starting point and your destination and the planner tells you which bus to catch, where to catch it, how much it will cost….everything! When your ride starts this easy, the whole trip is a pleasure. To use the online trip planner click here.

Mobile App

CONVENIENCE. Nothing beats it! This is especially true when riding the bus. With our simple-to-use mobile app, you’ll always have access to everything you need to ride the bus with confidence. Schedules. Maps. Real time arrival predictions. News and information. All with quick one-tap access from your mobile phone. Available for Android on Google Play. iPhone users get the same information on our mobile web site at

Park & Ride

TIME. It makes a difference when you commute. Catching an express bus at a local Park & Ride lot makes commuting easier and faster. Turn a bumper-to-bumper 20-mile drive to BART into an around-the-corner trip to your local Park & Ride and hop on an express bus to BART. We’ll do the rest of the driving saving you miles and time. For more information about Park & Ride, click here.

Real Time Arrival

KNOWLEDGE. With it you have everything, including the assurance you need when riding the bus. With Tri Delta Transit’s real time arrival feature you’ll always know when your bus will arrive. No more guessing! Just enter your bus stop ID number into your smart phone and you’ll instantly know when the bus arrives. Combined with a series of new rider tools and services, Real Time Arrival makes riding the bus more convenient than ever. For more information about real time arrival click here

Our People

DEDICATION. It sets us apart. At Tri Delta Transit, over 200 people are ready to serve you every day. From our award wining drivers and supervisors to our friendly customer service staff, we’re here to make sure you get where you need to be when you need to be there.