Introducing NEW Route 381

Downtown Pittsburg Circulator
22 Trips Per Day
Now Available.

Route 381 MapDesigned to help you get the most out of the downtown Pittsburg area, NEW Route 381 is the perfect way to enjoy downtown and the surrounding area.

Tri Delta Transit’s NEW Route 381 is a quick 20-minute trip between the Pittsburg Marina and Los Medanos College. In between, you’ll be able to hop off the bus at over 36 locations to, enjoy lunch downtown or do some quick shopping and have time to quickly get back to school, work or wherever you need to be.

PLUS, Route 381 will be your quick connection to the new Pittsburg Center BART station when completed!

Here are some of the great places you can get to on Route 381:

  • Los Medanos College
  • Pittsburg Center BART (Coming Soon)
  • Wal-Mart
  • Atlantic Plaza
  • Pittsburg Health Center
  • East CC Clinic
  • Downtown Pittsburg (restaurants, shops)
  • Pittsburg Marina
  • Pittsburg High School (Railroad Ave at School St.)
  • City Park
  • Pittsburg Senior Center
  • Courthouse
  • Pittsburg Library
  • More!

See how Route 381 fits into your schedule and plan on enjoying this new Downtown Circulator from Tri Delta Transit.

What: New Route 381
Where: Downtown Pittsburg
When: Now Available
Why: Fast, Frequent, Unlimited Possibilities…

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