Weekday Routes (Mon-Fri)
200 EB
201 EB
300 EB
379 EB
380 EB
383 CW
385 EB
200 WB
201 WB
300 WB
379 WB
380 WB
383 CCW
385 WB
386 LOOP
387 EB
388 EB
389 LOOP
390 EB
391 EB
386 LOOP
387 WB
388 WB
389 LOOP
390 WB
391 WB
Saturday Routes
392 EB Saturday
393 EB Saturday
394 EB Saturday
395 Loop Saturday
392 WB Saturday
393 WB Saturday
394 WB Saturday
Sunday Routes
392 EB Sunday
393 EB Sunday
394 EB Sunday
395 Loop Sunday
392 WB Sunday
393 WB Sunday
394 WB Sunday
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Summer Youth Pass

Schedule Change Feb. 19, 2017

Route 201 Expanded Service To Concord

Tri Delta Transit to Distribute 1,000 Umbrellas for El Niño

Clipper Expansion East Bay

Tri Delta Transit Named Best Transit System in North America

Tri Delta Transit Seeks New Board Member

New Weekend Route 395

Clipper Press Release (PDF)

Frequent Use Program Rewards Loyal Bus Riders (PDF)

Parking to remain free at local Park & Ride lots (PDF)

Tri Delta Transit Revises Express Route 300 Fare Policy (PDF)

Tri Delta Transit To Offer Free Classes On How To Ride The Bus (PDF)

Tri Delta Transit Bus Fares to Increase July 5 (PDF)

New Vehicles, New Look for East County Bus Riders(PDF)

Third Annual National Dump The Pump To Be Held On June 19 (PDF)

Summer Youth Pass Provides Three Months of Unlimited Bus Rides (PDF)

Local Bus Operator Among Best in North America (PDF)

Tri Delta Transit Bus Passes Worth Money at Local Businesses (PDF)

Tri Delta Transit creates nation’s first stroller area on buses. Click here for press release. (PDF)

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