Policy: Resolution of Fare Box Issues/Problems

Customers who experience a problem with the fare box on a Tri Delta Transit bus must contact Tri Delta Transit’s Administrative Office immediately or no later than 30 days of the occurrence to report the problem. Problems include:

  • credit ticket not issued
  • ticket stuck in fare box
  • ticket not issued
  • money lost in fare box
  • overpayment due to fare box malfunction
  • damaged ticket no longer readable by fare box

When reporting an incident with the fare box, the customer must provide:

  • Date and time of occurrence
  • Bus route and direction
  • Location of incident
  • Bus number if possible
  • What problem occurred

Tri Delta Transit staff will use all tools and procedures available to investigate and verify all claims. Damaged tickets will be retained by Tri Delta Transit.

Filing a fare box claim does not guarantee that a credit ticket or pass replacement will be issued.

Once a problem has been verified, Tri Delta Transit will provide the appropriate pass replacement or credit ticket only. No cash will be issued.

Problems may be reported:

  1. By Phone: 925-754-6622
  2. By Fax: 925-757-2530
  3. Online: www.trideltatransit.com
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