Transfer Policy And Passes

Transfer Slips/Transferring Buses

Transfer slips are no longer issued on Tri Delta Transit buses. YOU CAN STILL TRANSFER BETWEEN TRI DELTA TRANSIT BUSES. To do so you must have a valid Day Pass, a valid 31-Day Pass, a valid Clipper Card or pay an additional single ride fare.

If you need to transfer between Tri Delta Transit buses or if you will be making a round-trip, your best option is to purchase a Day Pass. If you ride frequently, consider purchasing a 31-Day Pass or an East Bay Regional 31-Day Pass (available on Clipper Card) for even greater discounts.

To purchase a Day Pass on the bus, just ask the driver for a Day Pass when you pay your fare. Exact fare is not required but advised; drivers will issue a credit ticket for the remaining balance upon request. There are no cash refunds or exchanges.

A Day Pass is valid for the day of purchase/validation only. Just swipe your validated Day Pass in the farebox each time you board a Tri Delta Transit bus and you can ride as many buses as much as you want for the day the pass is valid.

Day Passes and 31-Day Passes are not valid on paratransit buses.

Transferring to/from County Connection (or other agency) buses Inter-Agency Transfer

You can transfer to a County Connection bus with a valid Clipper Card only.

Tri Delta Transit Transfer Policy

Transferring to a Tri Delta Transit bus requires:

  1. A valid Day Pass, 31-Day Pass, 20-Ride Pass, or Clipper Card*
  2. A single ride fare for Tri Delta Transit
*Subject to Clipper Card rules and regulations
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