Advertising on Tri Delta Transit Buses

Why Transit Advertising?

For high visibility, constant repetition and cost effectiveness for advertising that means business, transit ads deliver.

No other form of advertising helps to deliver your message as effectively as transit advertising.  It works hard all day, every day, and at a fraction of the cost of other media. And most important, it puts your message where your customers will see it. Tri Delta Transit carries your message all over East Contra Costa County with larger-than-life motion at an affordable cost. It's the best way to give your advertising maximum exposure.

Higher Impact Advertising

  • Transit advertising reaches more people per dollar invested than any other medium.
  • It builds product/service awareness within days.
  • Its high visibility and constant repetition mean greater advertising impact.
  • Transit advertising provides total market penetration, or carefully targeted market segmentation.
  • Bus routes coincide with high population densities, assuring that your ads get noticed.
  • Special promotions – there is no better way to penetrate the market with the news of your event.

Rates and Availability

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For availability and rate information, please contact:
Vector Media at (510) 205-1930 or visit

Build Awareness in Days!

Bus Ads.
Bus Ads.
Bus Ads.
Bus Ads.
Bus Ads.
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